Recorder / Clerk of Court

Julie Fischer

Grant County Clerk of Court

Julie Fischer
P.O. Box 258
Carson, ND 58529

 Katrina Hummel - Deputy

Clerk of Court Telephone: (701) 622-3615
Fax: (701) 622-3717


Grant County Clerk of Court office deals with the following:

Traffic Citations

Marriage License

Civil Filings


Criminal Filings

Mental Health

Probate Filings

Restraining Orders

Grant County Recorder

Julie Fischer
P.O. Box 258
Carson, ND 58529

 Katrina Hummel - Deputy

Recorder Telephone: (701) 622-3544
Fax: (701) 622-3717

The Recorder's duties as stated in North Dakota Century Code, shall keep full and true record, in proper books or other storage media provided, of each patent, deed, mortgage, bill of sale, security agreement, judgment, decree, lien, certificate of sale and other instruments required to be filed or admitted to record, if the person offering the instrument for filing or recording pays to the recorder the fees provided by law for the filing or recording.

Grant County Recorder's office deals with the following:

Land Ownership Records

UCC Filings

Homestead Records

Tax Liens

Deed Filings

Burial Transit Permits

Mortgage Filings


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