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Grant County Planning and Zoning

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A Utility Permit is required when trenching, boring, burying lines, or anything that is underground and is in the right of way of ditches and roads in Grant County.  No construction shall be permitted to cross any county roadway without prior authorization from The Grant County Planning & Zoning Board and Commissioners.  When applying for a  Utility Permit refer to the Grant County Planning and Zoning Ordinance

A Building Permit is required when a new structure is being built or moved onto your premises.  Even if your home is tax exempt under the farm residence exemption, you are still required to obtain a building permit for a new structure.  A new structure is a home (stick built, modular or manufactured), garage, shed (anything over 80 square feet, even if it’s on skids), deck (there is no such thing as a “floating deck”.  Unless you can fold it up like a lawn chair and take it with you, it’s a deck.  It adds value to your property, and is taxable), patios, porches, and any additions to existing structures.

When applying for a Building Permit please refer to the Grant County Planning and Zoning Ordinance, and apply for the permit AT LEAST TWO MONTHS prior to construction or when moving structure onto the premises. The fee for a Building Permit Application is $15.00.   

Grant County Zoning Ordinance 6.9.3 Penalties for Violations
Each violation of any regulation or restriction of this ordinance by any person shall constitute the maintenance of a public nuisance and shall, pursuant to the provisions of N.D.C.C. 11-33-21, be a class B misdemeanor.  Each day that a violation occurs shall be considered a separate punishable offense.

All building applications must be approved by the Grant County Board of Planning and Zoning.  The Planning and Zoning Board meetings are the second Thursday of each month. Meetings are subject to change, and notice of change will be posted in the Grant County News, The Carson Press, and The Grant County Website.

Once the submitted applications have been approved, an actual permit will be mailed to you.  If for some reason your application is denied, you will be contacted with an explanation of the reason for the denial. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  If you have any questions please contact Ray Alt, Planning and Zoning Chairman, at 701-584-2143 or Jackie Steinmetz Director of Tax Equalization 701-622-3311.



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