Grant County Controlled Burn Procedure

Emergency Services / 911 Coordinator



Any person planning a controlled burn in Grant County must follow this procedure. Before a controlled burn begins, the person(s) conducting the burn must contact North Dakota State Radio at either 1-800-472-2121 or 1-701-328-9921. A State Radio dispatcher will then take the following information:

 - Name of person(s) conducting the burn.
 - The location of where the burning is to take place.
 - What is being burned i.e. a field, garbage pit, tree piles, etc. 
       Note: Small fires such as campfires, burning barrels, etc., do not fall under this procedure.
 - What time you are planning to burn.
 - How long you expect it will take to burn.
 - A contact number where you can be reached.
 - Once the fire is out, you need to contact State Radio to inform them that the fire is completely out.
State Radio will notify the Sheriff’s Office of the location of the burn. The Sheriff’s Office will contact the fire chief of the fire  district where the burn is located.

 Following this procedure ensures that volunteer fire departments are aware of the controlled burn and not unnecessarily called out unless there is a real emergency.



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