Grant County Overview

Grant County was established on November 7, 1916. The county consists of 1672 square miles with approximately 1,062,000 acres. The county has 47 townships, of which 10 are organized. Current organized townships are: Elm, Freda, Howe, Lark, Leipzig, Minnie, Pretty Rock, Raleigh, Rock, and Winona.

Grant County is criss-crossed by State Highways 21, 31, and 49, as well as numerous "farm-to-market" roads. 

Three rivers run through Grant County: the Heart, Cannonball. and Cedar. Numerous creeks such as the Antelope and Louse run through the county as well. 

The current estimated population of Grant County is 2,377. The three largest cities are Elgin, Carson, and New Leipzig. Carson is the County Seat.

Two schools are located within Grant County. 

Farming and ranching are the backbone of the county's economy, but a diverse array of businesses exist within the borders of our progressive county.

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